7 Picturesque European Locations For Every Photography Lover

If you are a keen photographer and are looking for something brand new and exciting to photograph, then you are in luck. With several European locations that are ready and waiting to be photographed, you can have the perfect image in just a quick flight. So, before you apply for your GHIC and book the next flight, allow us to show you 7 picturesque locations for you to photograph in 2019.

Venice Italy

When looking for amazing locations to photograph, then the city of Venice is the one for you. Not only are there an abundance of picturesque cobbled streets, there is also an amazing view of the city from the canal that makes this ideal for some of the most amazing images.

Prague, Czech Republic

Another location that is well worth visiting is Prague. Whether this is to take a picture of the astronomical clock or take stunning images of some of the architecture that this ancient city has plenty to offer even the most inexperienced photographer. In addition to this, there is also the opportunity to photograph the iconic Charles Bridge from the water giving you the right amount

Krakow, Poland

When looking for some of the best spots for photography in Poland you are in luck. Not only can you take images from the outside of Wawel Royal Castle, but you can also visit Florianska street and Szeroka street to take images from the city from and entirely new perspective. With bright colours and amazing angles, you can find the perfect composition in every location giving you images that are perfect for your social media.

London, England

A city that is filled with history and a number of amazing locations for images, London is the city to visit. Whether you travel to the Tate Modern Viewing tower or take a trip round the London eye, you can be sure to get the perfect view of this iconic city from every location. In addition to this, you can also take images from the water looking up at iconic monuments such as the tower of London and Big Ben giving you an entirely new perspective of the capital that makes for great images.

Paris, France

Similar to that of London, this famous location is another that makes for outstanding images regardless of the location you are staying in. With tiny side streets and hotel balcony’s with stunning views, the city of love is the perfect location for a romantic photo shoot. With the Eiffel Tower, The Arch De Triomphe and Notre-dame all to take images of you can take images of amazing landmarks with very minimal effort as a result.

Rome, Italy

Another capital that is worth visiting is Rome. With the colosseum and The forum making for stunning images during the sunrise and sunset, you can get some amazing images for your portfolio all whilst enjoying the warmth of the Italian sun. There are also a number of other amazing locations such as the Trevi Fountain that make for some slow-motion shots that are perfect for experimenting with shutter speeds and other photographic techniques.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The final location that has earned its rightful place on this list is the Lake Bled in Slovenia. This stunning location is not only peaceful, but the castle located in the middle of the lake makes for some amazing pictures. In addition to this, a helicopter trip from above gives you the perfect snapshot of the mountainous region in the background, allowing you to showcase the beauty that is here in one simple snapshot.

With a number of amazing European locations for you to photograph, you can be sure you will have an amazing trip wherever your creativity takes you. Where will you travel to first?

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