Educational Trips for your Children

It is essential that our children learn about history to ensure that it is never forgotten. While you may not like to teach a child about topics such as The Holocaust, it is essential these events are never forgotten to ensure our children, and their children, never repeat history’s mistakes and atrocities.

Some children, however, are disinterested with history, preferring to text their friends or play on video games. It is therefore up to us as the parents and teachers to ensure they learn about history.

One way to do so is to take a child out of their environment and offer them an unforgettable experience. For example, children may not enjoy learning about anti-Semitism during World War II, but a trip to Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam will provide them with an unforgettable memory, which will help them learn a little bit more about the Second World War and the affects of the Nazi regime.

Themed hotels are also a great way for children to brush up on their history, as hotels such as 30 James Street offer Titanic stories throughout the hotel, and can therefore trigger an interest in one of the biggest maritime tragedies in the 20th century.

Just taking a child to a museum over giving them a textbook can be helpful, and they may therefore want to brush up on their knowledge on the Egyptians, Tudors or the world wars. There are so many different ways to explore history, and not all lessons have to be taught inside a classroom.

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