How a Romantic Break can Benefit Parent Life

No-one ever said that bringing children up was easy. Becoming a parent is undoubtedly the hardest job you will ever do, and parents can often end up blaming each other when tensions reach a high in the home.

It’s so easy to become absorbed into a routine when you have a child, as there’s so much to do in such a short space of time. Between all the nappy changing, feeding, play and bath-time, all you probably want to do once the little one is in bed is sleep or watch some TV – which means you don’t pay much attention to each other.

Take a Break

We’re all guilty of not paying our partner enough attention from time to time, as work and home life can often get in the way of our relationships. However, it is essential we take a break from the routine of life every now and then to make our soul mate feel a little special.

Not only will a break from habit benefit your relationship, but it will have a big impact on your home life, as you’ll both realise how much you value each other. It’s essential you’re both act as a support system for each other, as this will not only help ease home-life, but it will prevent you from undermining each other in front of your child.

Don’t Ring Home Too Often

Ring up a trusted family member and ask if they can babysit for one night, a weekend, or maybe even a week if you really trust them. We booked a trip to a luxury Titanic hotel not so long ago, which allowed us to just spend some quality time with each other without any interference. It provided us with the opportunity to talk about our goals, any problems and just to have some general fun with each other.

We also introduced a check-in-at-home shift, which meant that each one of us could only ring home once per day. For example, one would ring in the morning, and the other in the night. That way we weren’t spending all our time thinking about our little one, as the weekend was about spending time with each other. If we were needed urgently then our babysitter would ring, so just keep your phone handy, but not stuck in your hand.

While we know you’ll never be able to completely switch off – you must try to at least have a break from home life to feel more of a person than just parent. Go and stay in a fancy hotel, book a nice restaurant for the two of you, enjoy a spa day together or maybe even just take a trip to the cinema to catch a new film. Just go out and enjoy each other’s company – as the key to a successful relationship is actually having one.

Make some time for each, and you’ll continue to make progress both in your marriage and in the home.

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