How to Keep Your Home Secure While Travelling

Travelling is the best way to explore the world. Tasting new cuisines, finding new friends and staying in a completely different culture can help you in self-discovery as well. However, one of the biggest problems with travelling is leaving your home at the mercy of an outdated (or non-existent) security system.

Once you are out of your home, you have zero control over natural problems or robberies. The best way to avoid this is to install high security locks and security systems at your home.

High security locks

You don’t want to leave your home unattended when you are traveling. Therefore, it will be worthwhile to invest in high-security locks. These locks come in two varieties- manual and digital. The manual locks come with thousands of key combinations and are often tamper-proof. For greater security and safety in your home, you can also install unbreakable glasses on your windows (click here for more info: This could help you defend your home from burglary and theft along with locks.

The digital locks can be installed in the entire home and can be locked with a single passcode or key. These locks can be operated with your cellphone as well. Find some good locksmiths Perth to consult about the kind of locks that will suit your home the most.

Security guard and a guard dog

While newer technologies are leaving older methods behind, one cannot deny the effectiveness of a trained security guard and a guard dog. Dog breeds like German Sherpherds, Belgian Malinois, French Mastiffs, Pitbulls, Cane Corsos, and many more tend to be naturally capable protectors. And with the right training from a qualified Dog Trainer Southampton (or where you live), your dog can behave well, practice self-control or engage and intercept an intruder when the need arises. In addition, dogs could alert the security guard in case somebody tries to break in. The presence of a security guard too can make a big difference- it can discourage suspicious people from breaking into your home when they see a burly security guard and a dog.

Surveillance systems

Another good way to assure that your home is safe is to install surveillance systems. These systems help you in keeping an eye on your home when you are not around. If you have seniors or kids at home, then the surveillance system will help you in keeping them safe. In case of an emergency, you can quickly contact the police and save your family and your belongings.

Some surveillance systems come with a smartphone app. While travelling, you can connect to the internet and use this app to check if everything in your home is alright. This will give you more peace of mind, as you don’t want to keep thinking about the safety of your belongings back home.

Alarm systems

An alarm system, such as one of the ones available here with Verisure, can be installed in your home to protect against burglary, fire or any other natural disaster. This system can alert the residents as well as your neighbors as well as a patrolling unit who can help you just in time. Some alarm systems can be integrated with locking systems and surveillance systems. If you don’t mind investing a little more money, then opt for these integrated systems for maximum protection.

House sitting

An occupied house is always better in terms of security than an empty house. If you have pets at home, then a house sitter is a great option for you. They will live in your house and take care of everything like you would have. Most of these people are very friendly and take care of your house really well. You can hire a professional house sitter or ask your friends or relatives to do this job. It is cheaper than installing an entirely new security system. Just get quality locksmiths to secure your home and hire a house sitter.

These were some ways in which your house can remain secure, even when you are away. Use one of these methods and your home will always remain safe while you travel without any worries.

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