How to Move to France

A popular question amongst those who are considering moving to France is, “how do I actually do it?” It’s vague, it has black and white answer and it’s a question that could be discussed over and over again with hundreds of different opinions and thoughts. Finding out how to move to France is easiest done through using online checklists like Anglo Info’s moving to france content hub. As the subject of relocating to France is so vast, a checklist such as this is a great way to focus your attention on the areas you need assistance with, whilst ensuring nothing is missed out. Plus, it’s great to refer back to as the moving process progresses.

Orchestrating a move to France takes time, research and a lot of planning so to help you get started we have compiled some key pieces of information to make the process easier.

Moving to France: Don’t Forget!

When you want to start the process of relocating to France it can be difficult to know where to, well, begin. After all it probably feels as though there is a lot to do in very little time. You may not have even found an estate agent to sell your current house yet, which is a vital first step. Living in France is not cheap, so you may need a substantial amount from your house sale before you can afford the move. Finlay Brewer is one estate agent that may be able to help you, specialising in London property sales. Once your home is sold, you can then think about the details. Below are some areas that are often left until last but are just as important as researching the area you are moving to, finding a property and organising your bank accounts, insurance and visas. A more complete checklist of things to consider before leaving can be viewed here.

What to Take → Knowing what is essential to bring with you is the best way to begin packing for your move, as forgetting something important can be a hassle and create unnecessary issues. Documents such as passports, visas, driving licenses, education certificates, proof of residency, social security cards, medical records, dental records, and a living will and testament should not be overlooked. If you will have a clear idea of what you want to take along with you, it would be easy for the moving company Winston Salem (or one near your home) to pack and ship your belongings in a fast and efficient way.

What to Leave → Moving abroad requires a lot of sacrifices, including leaving many of your possessions behind. That 8-seat corner sofa in your living room, for example, isn’t going to be easy to get on a plane. Any good furniture should be donated along with any clothes you no longer want, whilst old furniture, toys, curtains and bedding should all be thrown. You can hire a Cheap Dumpster Rental Nashville (or wherever you are) if you have a large amount you need to get rid of, or anything too large to fit in the back of a van/car. A good rule of thumb is if it’s irreplaceable, take it with you, or if it’s replaceable, donate it or throw it away.

Prescription Medication → As well as taking your dental and medical records when you move it is also a good idea to take additional quantities of any prescription medication you use, as well as a copy of the medical file related to it. This will help you when you first arrive and are not yet registered with a local doctor.

Trust the Movers → You will require an international shipping company when relocating to France. With most of your worldly belongings traveling across the Channel to another country, it is important to trust the movers and shippers you choose. Before making any decisions ask for quotes, reviews, and testimonials from previous customers. That being the case, websites similar to (if you live in Atlanta) could be helpful in this regard.

Your Move to France

Your move to France will go a lot smoother and with fewer hiccups if planning is a key part of your strategy. Having important documents in order and enough medication to last until you have a chance to register with a French doctor are small things that make a big difference in terms of keeping stress levels low. Additionally, knowing your move is in the safe hands of a trusted international shipping company is another way of reducing the things you have to worry about so you can focus on other details.

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