How to plan a family bike tour in London?

Cycling is one of the fun activities that give you a lot of positive vibes. It clears your mind, lets you breathe fresh air, and exercises your body. You love to go around the scenery and explore everything up-close.

If you are planning to cycle around in London with your family, it is quite a desirable option to choose. The metropolitan city has several biking routes to favour your journey. The flat terrain makes it all the more feasible to ride through.

The city offers several rental services to hire bikes for your family expeditions. You simply need to mark your holidays and start off an adventurous journey. Cycling with your children is one of the best ways to bond and explore the city. To get through to the best rental companies, check out and book your cycles.

Convincing everyone in the family

You might be more of the adventurous kind, but your spouse could be the right opposite. You need to consult with her and your children and see how they look forward to the trip. At the first instance, everyone will have doubts about your plan, but when you involve them, they’ll take an interest.

Share your ideas on the routes you will take and how they are family-friendly to travel through. You need to make sure that every route you choose is allowed to cycle by the city council. Once you have the route sorted, you might want to think of fun activities that you will do in transit. It could be stopping at an ice cream store or picnicking at a park. You could ask your children to give you ideas and know what they want.

You should also allow your family members to choose the type of bike they feel comfortable to ride. Most rental companies will have several options to get you all geared up. You can also ask the rental company to help you out if you have little idea about types of bikes.

When you have small kids with you, you should rather choose to ride through big parks than plan day tours. You have to plan your family outing keeping everyone’s abilities in mind. Don’t plan a tour that can make anyone fall sick or give up midway. Try to also stay around the city area to call for help promptly.

Best parks in London for cycling

London has large parks that you can’t cover on foot, especially when travelling with young kids. You can rather choose to cycle around these parks and take breaks for picnics, playing, and so on. The best parks for cycling include Lee Valley Velo Park, Richmond Park, Regent’s Park, Bushy Park, and Hyde Park.

To keep you and your family happy and active, you must take part in biking tours. London is one of the best places to take such tours with your children. You simply need to get in touch with the best dealers in town and take bikes on rent.

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