Online Entertainment for Frequent Travellers

If you’ve reached that stage in your life where you’re constantly thinking about how to save costs while you’re out on the road, you’re the type of traveller who travels frequently, which in turn means that you probably have a lot of time to kill in between the long layovers which come with cheaper flights and other idle periods en route to your next destination. It just comes with the territory, but how many times do you find yourself just logging in and out of a selection of about three apps you have on your phone as a means through which to kill some waiting time?

All that time wasted can add up to quite a significant amount of time you could have rather done something more meaningful with, but in the spirit of devouring life as it was meant to be enjoyed, we stand firm behind our belief that anything you engage in which makes for some fun is by no means a waste of time. That said, here are some suggestions for online entertainment which frequent travellers can indulge in, perhaps with more of a constructive twist to these activities which are fun nevertheless:


Flicking through some of the pictures and videos you’ve been capturing and shooting along the way undeniably makes for a lot of fun, but you can take things a step further and actually turn it into a more constructive activity. Blogging or even vlogging can make for a great way to keep yourself entertained online during some idle travel time, giving you the opportunity to perhaps even monetise the content you have instead of just flicking through everything over and over again and re-living the memories in an unhealthy manner.

Virtual pre-tours of your upcoming destinations

Use the Google Maps Street View feature to wander around the neighbourhood you’re going to be visiting as somewhat of a virtual pre-tour of your next destination. Not only can it make for hours and hours of fun, which would probably be enough to quickly kill any length stopover, it can also give you some more useful insight with regards to what to expect.

Online casino

You were probably rightfully expecting “playing online games” as a suggestion to have been included in this list of online entertainment frequent travellers can engage in, but I believe we should get a bit more specific with the games we play while killing time as part of our travels. We need to look beyond the so-called timewasters and do our gaming on platforms which are more constructive, such as this recommended site. Now, this is an online casino platform recommended on account of the fact that there are countless games you can enjoy which are quick and easy to load and get going with, are a lot of fun and perhaps most importantly, offer a means through which to actually extract some value out of your gaming time. You can win some money – lots of money in fact, so look beyond online gaming which is just a mindless waste of time.

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