Pamela’s Travels


The world offers so many unique opportunities, sights and sounds that are just waiting to be explored. After tiring of the same old views and experiences, I felt I had to do something bigger with my life and that was to travel.

I initially hoped travelling would provide all the answers to life’s questions, helping me decide the career path or my place in the world. It didn’t take me long to realise that travelling was my path and I didn’t have a place in the world, because there are so many wonderful places for me across all corners of the globe.

There are so many wonderful people I am yet to meet, so many landscapes I haven’t photographed and so many dishes I have yet to taste. The beautiful thing about travel is that every single day is an opportunity to do something different or meet a person who could potentially change my life. You never know what each day will bring, and there is so much bliss in that level of freedom.

Sure there are times when I miss home, and moments when I think about hoping on a plane back to the loving arms of my family, but then I watch a sunrise in India or feel the buzz of Shanghai and I realise I’m already home, and that my birthplace will always wait for me.

However, I didn’t want my travels to just pass me by. I wanted to create something that would allow me to track my journey; something more than just photographs or a diary – so I created this website, which is a wonderful mixture of the two. Here I can share my travel adventures, offer my travel tips I’ve learned over the years or provide an opinion on the topics dearest to my heart.

From Times Square to the Sydney Opera House, you can join me on my travels, hearing my stories and even sharing your stories with me. I’m on an adventure and I cannot wait to share my incredible moments with you.

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