Things For Kids To Do In Ibiza

Kids can have as much fun in Ibiza as the adults do and there exist many venues for their entertainment too. Nature walks, Go-Karting, horse riding or visiting caves, the children are sure to get exhausted more than getting bored. Listed below are some activities that kids can take part in Ibiza.

Can Marca Caves

It is one of most popular attractions on the island.  Located at a distance of 20 km from the town of Ibiza, the cave formations stretch over the Mediterranean. The caves are over 100,000 years old and consist of limestone formations, waterfalls and lakes. Smugglers used these caves over a hundred years ago to store their wares.

The caves have since been evacuated and open all year round. Guided tours complete with special effects lighting and music of about 40 minutes’ duration are organized. The trip inside the cave is a surely exhilarating experience.

Can Mayol

Can Mayol is a great place for the kids to spend a day. There are over 40 horses in over 50,000 square meters area, stables, woodland and paddocks. The children can choose from many activities that are available. However, it is important that booking is done in advance for planning the day appropriately. Activities for the family and children include brushing the horse, getting to know the horse, horse riding lessons, surprise birthday rides, and kids’ birthday parties among others. Equally famous is the Can Mayol Bar that is run by a pair of Dutch boys, Frank and Edward. They help to organize special parties with BBQs and live music.


The Go-Karting venue, located just outside Santa Eulalia, is sure to impress the kids as well as the adults. It houses a 300 metre track and has a range of go-karts ranging from 400 cc capacity that can be used by the adults to slow baby karts for the infants. The highly professional and multilingual staff ensures that you are made aware of all the safety precautions that are to be taken before taking a ride and recommend the go-kart that is most suited to your ability.

Aguamar Water Park

You and your entire family can spend a fun filled day at the Aguamar Water Park. It has a mix of thrilling as well as tepid rides for the adventure seekers and the faint hearted. The Kamikaze is among the most thrilling rides with a 50-foot free fall. The water park also houses a restaurant and a picnic area. The ticket allows a one-time re-entry before closing for the day and this gives you the chance to visit the beach near the water park. The park is open between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. all through the summer.

SCUBA Ibiza Diving Center

Well qualified diving instructors offer courses in diving that are suited to one and all. You can opt for a single day course that covers the basic theory and practice to advanced diving lessons in open waters. The grand variety of sea creatures, clear and translucent warm waters, underwater mountain ranges, and ancient shipwrecks make

The grand variety of sea creatures, clear and translucent warm waters, underwater mountain ranges, and ancient shipwrecks make diving experience more memorable for the students. The Scuba Ibiza Diving Center is open all the year round and they offer equipment on rent, boats on charter or rent, etc.

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