Things to Do in Troia, Portugal Whilst on Holiday

Portugal is home to some of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year, millions descend on the Algarve to soak up the sun, sand and scenery in generous measures. Nevertheless, if you really want to get a taste for what some might call the real Portugal, you need to set your sights elsewhere.

For different people, it has different things in store. While lovers of serenity can enjoy the calmness of beaches and trails, adventure enthusiasts can choose from multiple options. Portugal tends to offer some of the best water activities like skydiving, kitesurfing, and scuba diving, among others. One simply needs to make a web search with keywords similar to kitesurfing Viana do castelo or Troia, Scuba diving in Lagos, etc. to reach these spots and have a completely thrilling experience.

What to say about Troia -beautifully quiet beaches, boat trips in search of dolphins, incredible dining experiences and the kind of scenery too stunning to put into words. A concise description of exactly what can be expected during a trip to Troia.

Top Things to Do in Troia Portugal

However long you decide to visit for, you won’t be short of incredible things to do in Troia.

Situated approximately an hour away from Lisbon, Troia is easily accessible for short visits and extended stays alike. Simply hop on the ferry in Setúbal across the river Sado and prepare for a quintessentially Portuguese experience like no other.

Perhaps the single most popular and iconic attraction on this bank is the beach. One of the largest and most beautiful in the country, the golden sands stretch on for more than 18 kilometres and are free of the usual chaotic rounds. Even if you travel at the height of summer, you’ll have no trouble finding a secluded spot with almost nobody else in the vicinity. Even during the winter, temperatures remain pleasantly mild.

Watersports are an absolute must during any trip to Troia, which are available in plentiful supply around Troia Marina. The perfect place for an afternoon stroll, the seafront is flanked by pristine blue waters to one side and beautiful pine forests to the other. Simply soaking up the scenery is sufficient to fall head over heels in love with this beautiful corner of the country.

Of course, it’s no secret that Portugal is home to some of the most outstanding golf courses on the face of the earth. One of which being located right here in Troia, designed by the famous American architect Bobby Jones. Less an addition to the landscape and more a feature of the surrounding scenery in its own right, the Troia Course is not only beautiful, but also considered to be one of the most challenging in Europe. If the course itself gets the better of you, the club house boasts a beautiful open terrace with unbroken views of the breathtakingTroia coastline.

Back to Nature

Anyone looking to get back to nature will be in their element in and around Troia. At the point where the River Sado meets the sea, you usually don’t have to wait long to catch a glimpse of the playful local dolphin population. Hop on a boat for a guided tour of the waters and you’re pretty much guaranteed an up-close and personal encounter with these incredible animals.

If you’d prefer to indulge in a spot of bird watching, the nearby Serra da Arrábida Natural Park and the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve come highly recommended. While out and about exploring the charms of the region, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Carrasqueira – a very traditional fishing port built on stilts.

History and Culture

Troia is also rich in history and important archaeological sites. Human beings have been inhabiting this part of Portugal for many centuries – the Roman ruins atop the hill dating as far back as the first century. Be sure to check out what remains of a Roman fish salting and processing plant, which is thought to be the largest of its kind in the world. Even if the ruins themselves don’t tickle your fancy, the view of the surrounding coastline is simply spectacular.

While taking the time to visit the beaches of Comporta, Carvalhal and Pego, be sure to check out the nearby cafes and restaurants for a taste of Portuguese cuisine at its finest. Serving up the freshest daily catch and a variety of traditional local snacks, a well-positioned terrace really is the best place to unwind and enjoy a tranquil evening.

Last but not least, anyone travelling to the region with kids will definitely want to check out Badoca Park near Grândola. Bursting with amazing entertainment opportunities for the whole family, it’s also the only place in the region you can take a fully-fledged “safari” and see deer, buffaloes, ostriches, giraffes, antelopes, zebras and other animals roaming free. The perfect place to work up an appetite, before heading back into Troia for the memorable evening meal of a lifetime.

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