Top Tech For Heli Skiing

Although a necessary part of planning any heli skiing trip, there is no reason why packing can’t be a fun part of the process too. Once you have invested in the necessary clothing, ski boots, skis (or snowboard or even both) there may well be room in your cases and bags for some non-essentials that could still be worth checking out.

Part of the joy of heli skiing is getting the most out of virtually untapped powder and enjoying a thrilling ride in a helicopter. This is exciting enough on its own, but as with anything, coupling this experience with some great pieces of could make it even more memorable.

We have put together a list of some of the top tech available for heli skiing.

Go Pro

If you don’t already own a Go Pro and are an adrenaline sports junkie, we might wonder why not? This extremely popular and incredibly versatile high definition video camera was created for things just like heli skiing. The most current model available is the Go Pro HD Hero 2 and hero is right. Despite its suspiciously small size and light weight, this is a hardy and robust piece of kit that can fully document all your fun and adventures on the powder in glorious high definition.

MP3 player

While not all boarders and skiers enjoy listening to their favorite tracks or a specially chosen play-list to soundtrack their trip down the powder, not to mention the fact that it can be rather dangerous, it is great for getting your adrenaline pumped while you take that heli ride up the mountain. Oh and when we said rather dangerous…read as incredibly dangerous. Particularly in extreme conditions. For example, the cracking sound that comes before avalanches hit, can give skiers and boarders the chance to get into a safe area.


Commercial GPS for every day folk has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades and many of the devices available nowadays are geared up with skiing in mind. Not only does it help you to pinpoint where you are on a particular mountain in a particular part of the snowy wilderness, they have the option to record every altitude, speed, descent and ascent you take. Ideal for all number nerds who like a blow by blow account of their heli skiing trips. Most are also incredibly compact and small enough to fit into a pocket or backpack without taking up too much space at all.

Spare Or Even Gadget Goggles

Although we noted at the outset that this list is full of non-essential gadgets and tech to enhance your heli skiing trips, gadget goggles or just goggles in general should be firmly classed under ‘essentials’. Imagine losing your vising through snow-filled, steam-up or otherwise foggy goggles. A spare set of goggles is ideal for these situations, as they make it relatively quick and simple to continue play.

What’s more, when you are blitzing down a particularly steep and quick descent, you may have a fall or two and you may even damage your goggles more than aesthetically. This is when a spare pair comes in handy.

As this is a tech post, we also highly recommend you consider investing in a smart pair that provides you with a selection of lenses that are suitable for a range of light conditions. Short on available weight and space in your pack? Consider combining many pieces of tech mentioned above into one handier pair of goggles. Seal Optics’ Ion And Transcend goggles feature the option of an HD Video camera or built-in GPS display.

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