Travel Products

travel products

There are some things every traveller should never be without. To ensure you are fully prepared for your trip, here are the items you must take with you on your adventures.The Adaptable Baby Wipes

The Adaptable Baby Wipes

This is one item you must take with you wherever you go, because it can be used for a variety of purposes. From wiping food stains quickly off your clothes, mud on your legs or leaks in your bag, you will be glad you carried this handy little item with you. They’re also a great way to freshen yourself up on the plane, train or bus.

A Tube of Sunscreen

It may be easy to forget about grooming and skin care once you’ve begun your journey, but you should pack a few essentials, with a crucial one being sunscreen. Especially when you visit tropical countries or places that have warmer climates, the sun’s rays are strong and can damage your skin if you don’t take necessary measures. So, consider getting yourself a tube of sunscreen from JoyViva or a similar e-store to pack. Applying sunscreen before stepping into the sun can protect your skin from UVA rays and reduce the risk of your skin developing cancer.

Pack a Jacket or Jumper

Don’t think you don’t need a lightweight jacket or jumper when travelling to a warmer climate, because the most tropical destinations can sometimes be partial to strong winds and rain. The days might be warm but there’s no guarantee the temperature will remain warm come night time. Pack something a little warmer, just in case you need it.

Don’t Forget Your Camera

On my first trip to Thailand, I forgot my camera and was a little bit devastated. My money was tied up for activities and food and I didn’t have the cash to go out and buy another, so had to make do with a less-than-average camera on my phone. Whether you choose to bring a digital camera, a film camera, or even a disposable camera, having a dedicated device to capture your travel experiences can enhance your journey. It is one of the best ways to keep a record of all the memories you will make throughout your trip, so make sure you pack it. It is, however, recommended that you discover more about the regulations regarding carrying cameras on planes to ensure a hassle-free trip.

Check Your Passport

Now I have never forgotten my passport in all my years of travelling, but many of my friends have. It can be so easy to forget it, because you put it in your bag once and tell yourself it is there – maybe forgetting you went looking for something else before you headed off and forgot to place it back in your bag. Check it twice, check it five times, check it ten times, just check you have it.

Hand Luggage

You might think you have everything you need in your suitcase, but it never hurts to take hand luggage, even if you just carry an empty bag onto the plane with you. You might get to the airport and find your suitcase is a little heavy – so avoid charges and pack up what you can in your hand luggage, which will provide you with space to pack more on the way back, if you need it.

First Aid Kit

With all the walking, hiking and drinking people enjoy on holiday, it can be so easy to get into a few scrapes, such as cutting your feet, grazing your arm or suffering a burn on a temperamental hotel oven. By placing a first aid kit in your bag, you will have some of the basic tools you need to treat mild injuries. It’s important to note that the contents of a first aid kit differ from those of a trauma kit, so it’s not advisable to substitute one for the other as many people mistakenly do. Therefore, if you haven’t already, consider purchasing a first aid kit before embarking on your journey to ensure you’re prepared for any unforeseen incidents.

A Notebook and Pens

Travelling can be unpredictable. There might be times when you need to write down someone’s phone number, note down the address of a destination or make a list of things you need for a new and exciting adventure. You will therefore be surprised by how quickly you can fill a notebook up.

If you are still looking for the right gear for travelling you can check out this wonderful article by Look What’s Cool.

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