Using PayPal to pay for your Travels

To be honest, there’s still somewhat of a dodgy and choppy feel to the manner in which PayPal works, the world’s leading online payment processor. I mean it’s been a long time now that the Elon Musk brainchild has established itself as the preferred way for businesses to conduct their transactions online, even though many of these businesses along with individuals are always exploring alternatives.

Head on over to any Facebook group where online business is discussed, particularly among remote workers who travel frequently, and the general consensus is that in some or other way, using PayPal is inevitable.

As dodgy as some of the processes may seem, like when you transfer money to your bank account (it’s more like transferring money to your bank’s PayPal account and then your bank crediting the money to your account), it’s ubiquity makes it a great option to keep going with. As a traveller though, is it possible to perhaps use PayPal exclusively as your method of payment?

Booking flights with PayPal

There’s a specific platform known as Alternative Airlines which allows you to search for flights as you would via any flight search platform and then have you paying with PayPal. This works out to be very convenient because we all know of the fees involved with withdrawing your PayPal funds to your local account, but what it also means is that people in countries where PayPal can only be used to make payments can also pay in this efficient way.

Booking accommodation with PayPal

Agoda comes into focus as an accommodation search portal on which you can pay using your PayPal balance. Not all featured property results actually give you the option of paying with PayPal though, but that pretty much depends on how long away from the arrival date you’re searching.

Organising Transport with PayPal

There are some specific companies I can mention that accept PayPal as a booking and subsequent payment method for their local transportation services, but that would be an exercise in vain because unfortunately this list is as dynamic as such lists come. It all depends on a number of factors, including the destination. For instance, in Phuket, Thailand, you’d be getting in touch with a company that’s headquartered in India for an airport shuttle service that accepts PayPal, which might be off-putting because you don’t know whether you can actually trust that set up or not.

Paying for activities and entertainment with PayPal

On the entertainment front, it really depends on what you’re into and what you plan to occupy yourself with. On the days that you decide to stay in for instance, there are some good options in spending some time on what can grow to become your favourite online PayPal casino, such as NetBet, while local activities really depend on the locale with regards to their acceptance of payments through PayPal. It’ll be a matter of inquiring, something which can at times lead to a plan being made for you to have you pay with PayPal.

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