What Work-Cationers Get Up to On the Road

You’ve definitely heard of the word “vacation” and you might have even heard of “baecation,” a made-up word which really just means going away on vacation with your significant other – with your “bae,” “baby” or “babe.” I know, I know – these things are getting rather ridiculous, but one colloquial variant of the word “vacation” which I can identify with personally is “workcation,” which pretty much just refers to going away on vacation, but taking your work with you, much in the way so-called Digital Nomads do or anyone really who can complete their work remotely.

Personally I can’t really say that I’m quite in the mould of a Digital Nomad as yet, but if you’re a travel blogger, a lover of travelling and generally someone who just doesn’t have enough time to discuss travel-related matters with fellow travellers, I think it’s safe to say that I have an insider’s view on exactly what so-called work-cationers get up to while they’re out and about exploring their next destinations.

So you’ve probably also seen many travel blogs featuring what is supposedly the blogger sitting by a beach somewhere with their laptop open as a suggestion that they’re catching up on the day’s work. Be that as it may in very few cases, this is often just an illusion. I mean for one it’s very hard to actually use one’s laptop comfortably at the beach. Also, most of the work they actually get done is not documented and they don’t take shots of themselves when the work gets serious.

The truth is work-cationers do indeed work very hard, but they play equally as hard to balance things out. In fact, if you were to move a little closer to one of these people and you came within eye-shot of what they’d be typically doing with their laptops, you’d perhaps spot them busy doing some calculations and running analyses on platforms such as William Hill – UK’s best online betting sites which if approached correctly make for a huge channel through which astute Digital Nomads can supplement their income.

I mean who said it has to be all work and no play, right and who said you cannot combine the two and “work” to earn some of your money in a manner many other people would consider to be fun?

Being a mother with responsibilities that perhaps keep me from fully being something like a fully-fledged Digital Nomad, for me betting online in this way is more of a leisurely activity than anything else, but it’s always nice to know that one is always in with a chance of winning.

Taking your work with you on your vacation can be a curse as much as it’s a blessing however, because you need to exercise some discipline and learn to separate your leisure time from your working time – something which proves to be challenging because of the fact that everything pretty much plays out in what is primarily a leisurely environment built more for relaxation than anything else.

Ultimately though, work-cationers don’t just work, work, work the whole time, otherwise there’d be no point at all to actually going away on a work-cation!

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