Top 10 Remarkable Things to Do in London – In a Single Day

Discover the city with our incredible list of top things to do and see in London, for locals and visitors alike. From a simple evening wonder to full-blown days out, this is your epic London checklist.

Tip: there are lots of beautiful sights and activities awaiting your exploration. It would be a good idea to walk hands-free because otherwise, you might end up tired just a few minutes into the tours. So, if you have some luggage or bags, you might want to drop them at a Luggagestorage in London.

Visit the tower of London

Are you a Game of Thrones’ fan? Then you’ll love the Tower of London. It’s one of the highly sought after attraction sites in the UK. While at the tower of London, you might want to take advantage of the moment to visit the white tower, two Tower Beasts, the Ravens, Tower Green and Tower’s Walls. You can also get lost in the picturesque view that Tower Bridge provides.

Stroll to the South Bank and London Eye

Once you’re done viewing the beautiful view from the Tower Bridge, cross over to the South Bank. Stroll along the beautiful pedestrianized River Thames’ way towards the west, and you’ll find some incredible sights to behold, like the HMS Belfast and London’s City Hall. Just close by is the Shard, which is the tallest building in Western Europe, Shakespeare’s famous Globe Theatre and the Millennium Bridge that ushers in the St. Paul’s Cathedral and the spectacular Tate Modern Art Gallery.

Witness the Changing of Guards at the Buckingham Palace

At the Buckingham Palace, one of the queen’s lovely homes, you will witness the Changing of the Guards and be amazed at the coordination and elegance. If you are visiting during summer, you might also get a chance to go inside the Palace. Other things to do around here include visiting the mall, St. James’s Park, Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Nelson’s Famous Column.

Then head down to Trafalgar Square and West End

If you are still at the vicinity of the Buckingham Palace, you could either head down towards Westminster Abbey then to Whitehall or stroll up to the Mall. I’d recommend the former, not just because of there’s a Harry Potter London location closeby, but because the road takes you through the center of government in Britain. You also will get a chance to pass by 10 Downing Street and Cenotaph a famous war memorial in Britain. There’s also the Horse Guards, a picture-perfect spot, before reaching Trafalgar Square.

Wind your day in a decent London pub

Visiting London is not all about viewing the beautiful attractions and all, you can also sit back and experience British from another perspective – by going to a pub. Here’s where you enjoy a sip of something exotically named and served directly from a wooden handle. And if you are starving, then you might want to grab some English classic like chips and fish or steak and ale pie.

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