Top 5 Tips to Build a Popular Travel App

How to build a successful and popular travel application for mobile devices? What are the key tips to bear in mind for building such an app? These and many other questions we will answer in this article. We will list and explain in detail the key five tips for building a popular travel app. Enjoy!

As more and more people are becoming active smartphone users, new apps of all kinds appear every day. One of such popular kinds are travel & hospitality apps. These apps make traveling easier and offer a range of useful features and functions. The global travel & hospitality market is estimated at over 1.34 trillion dollars. Many and perhaps even most travelers have smartphones.

Taking this into account, it becomes clear that travel apps are a huge business opportunity. Many appreneurs and operators in the travel industry have already taken advantage of it. More and more entrepreneurs are thinking of how to do so as well. Below we will provide you with the five most important tips for building a great travel app and taking advantage of this massive opportunity:

  • Include Trip Planning
  • Add navigation and geolocation
  • Add reviews & recommendations
  • Add weather forecasting
  • Don’t forget about emergency services

If it’s not clear what these tips mean and how to implement them correctly, don’t worry. We will explain each of them in detail below.

Include Trip Planning

This is perhaps the most important function for any decent travel app. Being able to plan trips is what makes such apps valuable for users. This requires map integration, the ability to pin specific places, pick accommodation and attractions to visit.

It should help users choose the best ways to get to their destinations i.e. different transportation options such as air, trains, public transportation and so forth. Ideally, this should be accompanied by booking functions.

Add Navigation & Geolocation

No travel app can do without navigation, geolocation and map integration. This will require a stack of various APIs. All of this implies a lot of data which your app will have to utilize and be able to access.

These functions have to be implemented in a way which makes it easy and simple for users to navigate and access all kinds of geodata. Therefore, you must put some good amount of work to ensure your app effectively loads and processes those huge stacks of information.

Add Reviews & Recommendations

Travelers are always looking for local recommendations. After all, they are not local so they have no idea which places are worth visiting. It’s your job to collect relevant recommendations and reviews and present them to travelers. The travelers themselves must be able to add reviews. You must also design smart algorithms for presenting the right recommendations to users based on their personal characteristics and preferences.

Implement Weather Forecasting

Why should users turn to other apps to check weather forecasts? Let your app provide weather information as well. Ideally, you should strive to make your application the ultimate source of information for travelers which provides them with everything they need including weather forecasts.

Don’t Forget About Emergency Services

Traveling is not always safe and sometimes there occur emergencies. When a person is in a foreign country, he or she may have trouble getting emergency help, especially if they don’t know the telephone numbers of the main emergency services. Therefore, it’s a great idea to provide all the relevant emergency information in your app.


Travel & hospitality applications present big opportunities for tech entrepreneurs and travel professionals. Building a popular travel app may prove a very profitable idea if implemented correctly.

A great travel app should have navigation and geolocation functions, recommendations and reviews, trip planning, weather forecasting, and emergency services. Integrating all of these features into a travel app will help to make it popular and successful.

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