3 Benefits of Printed Bubble Envelopes

You’ll see bubble envelopes used to package everything from DVDs to jewellery, but you might not yet have picked some up for your own business. If you do send out anything even slightly fragile, you should think about ordering printed bubble envelopes to protect what’s inside and give your business a boost.

Here are just three compelling benefits.

  1. Safer Travels

The most obvious benefit of printed bubble envelopes is making sure your items will arrive without suffering damage. It’s all too easy for this to happen, and even a small scratch is going to leave customers feeling dissatisfied. Even when the damage wasn’t technically your fault, you’ll need to deal with customer complaints and often some kind of return. Far better to keep everything cushioned within a printed bubble envelope to save yourself the hassle. You’ll save both time and money.

  1. Promise of Quality

Of course, any kind of bubble envelope can provide protection, but going for printed products creates more of a premium appearance. When your packages arrive with your customers, you’ll want them to make a good impression right off the bat. By investing in high-end printed bubble envelopes instead of the standard white or brown, you’ll immediately strike the right note.

  1. Marketing Potential

You might not think that adding printing to bubble envelopes would bring much of a return, but that means you’re underestimating the importance of branding. The marketing potential is huge – everyone who encounters your package will notice your name and colours, plus branding your packages will keep your business at the front of customer’s minds. Above all else, using custom printing on your bubble envelopes is all part of developing a strong overall brand that customers can recognize and connect with.

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