5 reasons to travel to Sri Lanka

Ahh Sri Lanka, the raw diamond of South Asia, so easy to fall in love. This beautiful country is utterly exotic, it’s got a long interesting history, breathtaking nature and a rich intriguing culture. The island’s highlights are endless and it is not overcrowded like other tourist destinations in south and Southeast Asia just yet. All the more reasons to travel to Sri Lanka now! Here are 5 reasons to travel to Sri Lanka:

1. The exotic Sri Lankan culture and the island’s diversity

Upon arrival, you will be struck by the exotic culture of Sri Lanka and the heartwarming friendliness of the people. The culture has been influenced by India but also the colonization by the Dutch, British and Portuguese have left their trademarks. Hop on a local Tuk Tuk and go explore, falling in love with the Sri Lankan tropical ambience and the island’s super exotic culture. Whether you want to make it one big culture trip, a nature tour, a wildlife spotting adventure or a beach holiday, Sri Lanka accommodates all of your needs perfectly well. You can also mix it all up together for one amazing blend of all the highlights of Sri Lanka.

2. The food

This just has to be mentioned separately – the Sri Lankan food is amazing! Richly spiced home-made curries, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, served with delicious flatbreads and rice. It is an explosion of flavours and a reason alone to travel to Sri Lanka if you ask me. The best place to find authentic local food is at the food stalls of traditional markets where the food is freshly prepared in front of your eyes. Samosas, fried dhal balls, all kinds of curries, the goodness just doesn’t stop and the prices are unbelievably cheap. Don’t be afraid, just pick out a busy stand and go for it, it is the best way to adjust to the local culture and its flavours.

3. Luxury villas

Driving around in Tuk Tuk’s and trying out the local food at traditional markets are things you have to experience but, there is also time for leisure and luxury. In fact, Sri Lanka is home to the most amazing luxury villas at stunning locations, offered at plain cheap prices compared to those in the western world. You will have your private holiday retreat with a swimming pool, living room, bedrooms and a kitchen. Nothing more exclusive, convenient and luxurious than that, right? Private villas make the perfect base from where to explore different parts of the island.

4. Unbelievable wildlife

Sri Lanka is not Africa, but the wildlife is not any less amazing. In fact, the island features several big national parks where you can go on a safari to spot big mammals like leopards, bears, herds of elephants and tons of exotic birds. Around the coastline, you can hop on a boat to watch whales and dolphins and when snorkelling or diving, you can experience close encounters with the magical sea turtles.

5. Ancient fortresses and colonial towns

The list of Unesco World Heritage Sites to admire in Sri Lanka is quite impressive. Go from Sigiriya Rock to the ruins of Anuradhapura, to the ancient capital Polonnaruwa, all are amazingly enchanting and intriguing places. Big cities feature colonial heritage sites to admire. Galle, for instance, is a beautiful seaside fort town where you can walk along the fort’s walls, see the lighthouse, visit colonial churches, mansions and museums and go shopping for antiques. Galle is a great place to rent a private villa and spend a few days exploring the modern side of this city, the old Galle Fort and the surroundings.

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