Home refinancing – How much can I borrow?

Refinancing of property

Home refinancing is an easy way to get a loan without getting rid of it; it is used for when a client needs a loan in the market at a high value. In it, the borrower delivers the home as collateral to obtain money from the financial institution, which uses that asset to ensure that the debt is complied with.

To settle another debt with a very high cost

If you have a very high debt in the market, refinancing your property is the right option. In it, you make a debt swap, and get a new one with much lower interest, and with a longer term to take away. Because of the property guarantee for the financial institution, your loan may be released even if you have other debts in the market, but all this will depend on the analysis of credit done internally by such institutions.

One of the advantages of this type of refinancing is that as the financial institution has a security that is the property of the beneficiary of the loan; it applies in future installments, interest and lower rates.

How much can I borrow?

Real estate refinancing is the loan in the market that most enables the borrower to raise the largest volume of funds in the market, yet it is only valid for higher loan amounts. Generally it is granted to people with high income or who needs to save some debt with a very high value, not being released to a smaller debt of the day to day, for this make a personal loan or a payroll loan.

In this type of loan, banks and finance usually release 50% of the value of the property, that is, if your property costs $ 500 thousand, you can achieve a release of credit in the amount of $ 250 thousand, giving the house as collateral of the loan, but there are institutions where it is possible to get up to 60% of the total value of the property.

This limit value is the baseline used by banks and financial institutions, but this does not mean that when you apply for the loan, you get the total release of the value, you first have to go through a credit analysis done by the institutions, because there is another analysis made that is their income, the ceiling of their refinancing can not jeopardize it, being released a credit with monthly payment installments of a maximum of 30% of the gross income for the beneficiary of the loan.

In refinancing of property it is also possible to join the income with that of your relatives. If a couple has a house together, registered in the name of both, and the sum of the income of these add up to the month 10 thousand per month, it is allowed that the refinancing installments are made in the amount of 30% on the sum of the salary of the two , thus facilitating the loan.

Anyway, if you’re afraid enough to do property refinancing, getting short-term loan can be your solution. You need the instant decision.

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