How to guarantee a hassle-free journey across the globe

As a seasoned traveller who loves to seek out the far-flung corners of the world, I am always looking for ways to make the journey part of the adventure. I am hoping to fly with eDreams from Australia to the United Kingdom, and so I am checking out all my possible options.

It’s all about planning

One of the great things about the internet these days, is that you can sit down on your favourite chair with your tablet or laptop, and let your imagination guide you through a million possibilities. I always start with a general idea of my objectives for the trip, but usually I try to be open to new ideas at this planning stage. I like my holidays to be exciting and so it’s essential to leave room for some surprises. The ability to search for a range of departure times and destinations lets me consider some alternatives that might never have crossed my mind. 

Which airline? It’s always good to have a choice

Choosing the airline and the itinerary is an important first step, because this sets the tone for the whole adventure. I usually weigh up the options carefully, and settle on a reputable airline that I have experienced myself in the past, or that has good reviews. For a trip to the UK, I decided that a British airline is exactly right for creating a fabulous journey of anticipation. 

Long-haul doesn’t have to be boring

Long-haul flights give me an incredible buzz, because I have the feeling that I am leaving my everyday life behind, and travelling to a whole new world of experience. Very often there is a film on board that I haven’t seen, and this can be a great mood enhancer for longer trips. I will take some carefully selected reading material also. On this occasion, I really want to visit Scotland, and so I am planning to read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie on the plane. The novel is set in Edinburgh and I remember watching the film years ago with Maggie Smith. I will have some magazines with me as well, so that the flight certainly won’t be boring. By the time I arrive, I will be steeped in Scottish culture, and ready to experience the local lifestyle at first hand.

Restful travelling is the goal

Part of my forward planning includes deciding what to wear. Comfort is my watchword here, including a couple of layers for temperature control, and footwear that is easy to slip on and off. I like to travel in my most casual clothes, and gradually wind down in the first few hours of flying. It’s a good idea to be quite tired when the journey begins. Usually after driving to the airport, checking in, and boarding the plane it is hard to wind down, but I make sure that I have had less sleep than usual the night before my trip. Once I am on board and settled down, I know I can relax for the duration of the trip. 

Hydration, mindfulness and a travel pillow for dreamtime

I usually avoid alcohol on long haul flights because it tends to give me a headache. Some water, a few peppermints, and pleasant thoughts are all that I need to keep my head in a good space. The airline meals break up the long hours very nicely, and I would not ever go without my favourite travel pillow. All in all, I consider any long-haul flight as the start of my holiday, and I expect to enjoy every minute of the experience. With a little preparation in advance, I am all set to start my next adventure!

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