Tips To Avoid Overpacking For Your Next Trip

We all tend to overpack when it comes to taking a trip.  It may be because we want to be fully prepared for any occasion, we want to be prepared for anything mother nature throws our way and let’s be honest we want to bring along many comforts from home.  The truth is that we find ourselves packing way more than we actually need and we could have saved a lot of time and money (those extra baggage fees from airlines are not cheap) by packing the basics. Here are a few tips so you won’t overpack for your next trip.

Pack Your Clothes To Use The Least Amount Of Space

Space is limited in your luggage so what you do have to pack you want to be smart about.  Adeline Duff, contributor for, provides some insight on how to roll and fold your clothes when packing.  Duff gives tips like rolling any items that don’t wrinkle and to fold dressier items with more delicate fabrics.  There are also many stores that sell organizing inserts that you can place in your luggage that will help with storage and organizing your clothes and accessories too.

Opt For Small And Travel Size When You Can

You want to be prepared but it is also important to pack light in the areas you can.  If you love your accessories, opt to pack lighter and smaller items.  If your trip is in warmer weather, you know that packing flip flops will save on space versus packing chunky boots.  Also when it comes to toiletries, invest in travel size options for your shampoo, conditioner, and sunscreen to save on packing space.  

Know The Weather

Take a little time and do research on what the weather will be like on your travels.  It is in our nature to want to pack for all of the elements and be prepared but this also can be the biggest culprit to overpacking.  By knowing what weather to pack for you can narrow in on what items are appropriate and comfortable to wear during your trip.  There are all kinds of ways to figure out the weather on your trip, and for those taking a road trip, provides weather condition updates on any roads that you are traveling.

Call Ahead

It never hurts to call ahead to your hotel if you are packing for any kind of trip.  Whether it is staying at your Aunt’s house for a family function, getting ready to go on a work retreat or if you are packing to enroll in an inpatient rehab program, calling ahead to see what accommodations are already provided at your travel destination like a laundry service or even a hair dryer will end up saving you space and prevent you from overpacking.

By keeping a few of these tips in mind while you are packing for your next trip, it will be easier to pack more mindfully and save you the hassle of taking way more stuff than you actually need so you won’t overpack.

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