Travel with your vape kit – Keep yourself from sliding back to your smoking habit

While you prepare yourself for the holiday season, you might be thinking to yourself whether or not you should carry your vape pen along with you while traveling. If you were an active smoker and you took to vaping e-cigs in an attempt to quit smoking, questions about traveling with your vape pens will definitely come to your mind. If you take your vape kit abroad, you will have to wonder about the rules in the new destination with regards to vaping e-cigs. The vaping customs and rules keep changing with time and hence it is better to stay updated than to end up being harassed.

Nicotine is addictive and this is why a large number of smokers are addicted to smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is in fact the primary reason behind the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes as majority of the smokers are switching to the electronic counterpart with an effort to quit smoking. In case you have taken to vaping and you don’t carry your vape kit to the place you’re traveling, there are high chances that you will again slip back to the habit of smoking.

Be aware of the rules of the land lest you end up in prison

Would you ever want your vacation to go on smoke? Before you land up in your desired destination, you have to be sure about the rules of the land so that you don’t end up in danger. There are some countries which deem electronic cigarettes as prohibited products as they believe that they can have grave consequences for the user while they cross the border or while they enter the airport.

All the countries which have imposed a ban could impose a huge fine or even a life imprisonment if it can be proved that you’re trying to import a product which is prohibited. Hence, all the travelers who wish to carry an e-cigarette with them should check the laws of the country. Moreover, in case you’re transiting an airport, it’s better if you check the laws around carrying electronic cigarettes.

Vaping is allowed at public places in few countries

As we all know, smoking has been banned in most countries and anyone who is found smoking in public places is charged with a hefty fine. On the other hand, due to the fact that vaping doesn’t release smoke and that it releases vapor which is not harmful for the passers-by, they are usually allowed at public places. Hence, while traveling, if you carry your vape pen along with you, you can quench your thirst of vaping whenever you want to.

When you choose to quit smoking and switch to e-cigarettes, make sure you do things slowly enough. Go through the reviews at to know more on them. The faster you attempt to do, the less successful you will be in obtaining perfection. You will tend to slide back to your bad habit of smoking if you hurry up with quitting the habit by switching to e-cigarettes.

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