Traveling With My Yoga Mat and the Kids

The kids and I have been doing yoga travel packages for years. The only thing that has changed is our destination! Now we go on family vacations to places like Myrtle Beach, SC, OKC, Palm Springs, CA, or Colorado, CO. As we plan our vacations, we make sure to pack the right things for each of us and always bring the mat. Yoga mats are a must when you are traveling with your yoga mat and the kids.

The kids are growing and need a lot of stretching and warm up in order to stay flexible. And that’s exactly what traveling with yoga is all about. You can’t just decide to go somewhere for a vacation. It has to be somewhere where yoga is possible. So we search for yoga studios, wherever we are going. A good place to begin is by searching online.

A lot of times I am able to find a class or a tour that includes yoga traveling and it is usually a lot less expensive. And it gives the parents more time to spend with the kids. There is always something fun to do when there is yoga involved. It is so much fun to see new places that have wonderful scenery and awesome scenery. It is great to be able to share this kind of experience with the kids when they are traveling on their own.

There is nothing worse than having to stay in a hotel when you are on a family trip that includes yoga traveling. And then you have to worry about it during the week because you might not be able to get to class or there might not be a teacher available. No one likes to be stuck in a small room. Not only that, but yoga classes can fill up quickly. It is also very easy to miss a class. If you are traveling with my yoga mat and the kids, there are plenty of options to fit everyone’s schedule.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I could not even go near the swimming pool because of the mosquitoes and black flies. So now I know how important it is to always have the best gear on hand. And with yoga being such an active exercise, it makes perfect sense to take along your mat and your kids as well. Yoga travelings is very popular today with families going on all over sized trips that include yoga.

My first time traveling with my yoga mat and the kids, I made sure to pack plenty of comfortable clothes for the trip. I also brought a light snack and a bottle of water. This way we will have some light snacks during the day and we can easily get a drink to keep us hydrated while we are traveling. My yoga instructor taught us how to do yoga positions while sitting, standing, kneeling, and even lying down so we can be more comfortable during our travels.

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