How to pack for a Trip to London: +1 Storage tip

With everything set, the only thing that’s stopping you from enjoying the holiday is your luggage. Yes, packing your clothes and other essentials feel like a lot of work, especially if you suck at it, but you still have to do it.

Whether you are travelling for a three-day business trip or a one-month adventure in London, it is essential for you to pack lighter and smarter, for your convenience and peace of mind. However, this is never easy, because you imagine everything will be necessary. So, you end up between stuck between what to carry, and what not to.

In this article, we tell you how to maximize your suitcase space, and minimize your load, so that you can enjoy a stress-free trip. We also give you a tip on how to achieve a hands-free experience at your destination.

Buy a compact suitcase

This might sound counterintuitive; however, if you think about it, having a bigger bag will only mean more space and more luggage. The easiest way to accommodate your poor packing habits is to go for compact carry-on – one that doesn’t allow you to squeeze in additional things.

Check baggage restrictions

If you don’t want to incur charges on your luggage, then you should check beforehand, what your airline allows. If it is 23kg, then that’s the maximum you can carry; otherwise, you’ll have to pay for that or leave a few things behind. Weigh your suitcase to ensure it is within the restriction. A good would be to wear the heavier clothes (if you have to go with them) so that they don’t add to the weight of your bags.

Leave some space for your holiday purchase

It’s easy to forget about this, but remember there are a few collectibles and stuff that you will buy while you’re in London. You want to save some space in your suitcase where you can place them. Not having enough room for your holiday gifts and souvenirs will only restrict you.

Skip the shoes

Shoes are perhaps the most frustrating items to pack – the number of pairs that you bring will depend on the duration of your vacation. However, packing a maximum of two is reasonable, be sure that they match with the clothes you’ll be wearing and the activities you’ll be undertaking. You don’t want to go hiking on your stilettos. Another great idea is to put on your biggest shoe on the plane (and store your socks in the other shoes) – to save more space.

Pack devices with double functions

Now, you might be tempted to carry all your devices, including your laptop, tablet, iPad, phone, watch, power bank, speaker and so on, but this will only eat into your packing space. So, instead, you might carry your laptop, and phone, and a speaker that double up as a power bank, to save on space.

+1 Tip: Research on luggage storage

You might want to run an errand or two in town before you head to your hotel room or final destination. Better yet, you could be visiting an attraction site later on. A great idea, therefore, is to research where you can temporarily store your suitcase. Sites like allow for online booking making it convenient for you.

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