UK Holiday Survey – Infographic!

The British public are travelling further and spending more on their UK holidays. According to a 2018 survey conducted by Away Resorts, owners of Whitecliff Bay holiday park in the Isle of Wight, the majority of UK consumers (37%) are willing to travel over four hours to reach their UK holiday destination. Are they travelling further to save money? It seems not, actually according to the survey only 14% were looking at spending £100 or less per person on their 2018 holiday, whereas the majority (33%) were planning to spend a whopping £250-500 per person this year.

The holidays these people seem to be going on is lodge and caravan park holidays, the survey revealed. 55% of those that responded chose this type of holiday as their 2018 destination with the majority being in the age brackets 34-44 and 45-54, suggesting it is those with families choosing this type of holiday, where the facilities and entertainment are within easy reach.

Despite choosing the UK over sun trap destinations abroad, most holiday goers are still searching for sea, sun and sand on their holiday. As a result, many are hedging their bets when it comes to the British weather, with 44% of survey participants opting to holiday near a beach in 2018 and 58% booking their holiday during the summer, increasing their chances of having the ultimate summer holiday right here at home.

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