Why you should use e-wallets when travelling abroad

Staying safe abroad is one of the biggest considerations when people set off on their travels.

Keeping yourself safe is often at the forefront of people’s thoughts before a trip, but ensuring your money and personal details are kept secure should also be high up a traveller’s list of priorities.

We take a look at e-wallets and suggest why you should use them when travelling abroad. 

What is an e-wallet?

An e-wallet is an online payment method which allows you to make purchases by using an email attached to your account without divulging your personal details to the vendor.

PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Wallet are amongst the most popular options, with people using them to spend money across a wide range of industries.

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Why you should use an e-wallet

There are numerous benefits of paying with e-wallets when travelling abroad, including speed, ease of use and security.

Payment data stored on an e-wallet is encrypted, with retailers not receiving this data at the point of sale, adding an additional level of security to your transactions.

People have historically used cash or credit cards on their travels, but leaving these in your hotel or even at home vastly reduces your chances of having these stolen from you. 

Creating an e-wallet is easy

Setting up an e-wallet is a quick and easy process. Just download the app, follow the simple instructions to your account and add your payment details.

Your money and details are safe when you use an e-wallet. You need to enter a password or other verification details any time you wish to view your account or make changes.

This is much safer than carrying cash or credit cards. 


Theft, lost luggage or stress brought on by travelling can often lead to people being left high and dry financially when travelling abroad.

An e-wallet allows you to link multiple accounts into one easy to use area within your smartphone, helping you carry less personal items around with you. 

E-wallets are widely accepted

More and more retailers are accepting payment by e-wallet. In the same way debit/credit cards replaced cash, e-wallets are quickly emerging as a new and safer alternative.

As technology continues to develop it is likely that the growth in e-wallets will continue at a rapid pace, maybe even fully replacing other methods of payment in the future. 


While using e-wallets can incur some transaction fees, their use when travelling abroad makes plenty of sense from a security perspective.

Ensuring your mobile devices are fully charged so you can always complete a purchase is something to consider, but this is a minor drawback to using e-wallet.

The pros of using an e-wallet when travelling far outweigh the cons, and the upsurge in their popularity looks set to continue over the coming years.

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