Greater Manchester charity host House of Lords event

Greater Manchester-based humanitarian aid charity Human Appeal UK recently staged an event in the House of Lords to mark the sixth anniversary of the conflict in Syria. During the gathering, which took place in the River Room and was co-hosted by the Council of Arab and British Understanding (Caabu), the non-profit launched a report into the ongoing crisis.

Also co-hosting the event were Labour Peer Lord Dubs, Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, Human Appeal chief executive officer Othman Moqbel and filmmaker and journalist Wa’ad al-Kateab.

Turning a blind eye is ‘not an option’

Addressing the audience, Mr Blunt, who serves as the chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, stated that turning a blind eye to the crisis in Syria is “simply not an option”. Meanwhile, chair of the evening and director of Caabu Chris Doyle said it served as a reminder of why we must make every effort to bring the conflict to an end, achieve a political solution and ensure that Syrians receive the aid they need.

Also speaking at the event, Mr Moqbel pointed to the important work that Human Appeal is doing in the country. He went on to point out that one of the last times he was in the region, he travelled to a flour factory run by the charity on the border of Syria and Turkey. He said he was proud to have been joined on the visit by the former Department for International Development ministers Clare Short and Andrew Mitchell.

Essential humanitarian aid

The flour that Human Appeal supplies to bakeries helps to feed more than 200,000 Syrians each month. Getting food to this many people is a massive task and it requires the involvement of hundreds of workers, including factory operatives, bakers and lorry drivers.

As well as distributing food, the charity provides a variety of health services at Al-Iman hospital in rural Aleppo. Every month, 20,000 people attend this medical centre to get paediatric, maternity and gynaecological care. In addition, the organisation provides vital education services to children who would otherwise miss out on school as a result of the continuing violence.

Human Appeal funds its vital work in Syria and other countries by collecting donations online and by organising fundraising events. You can discover more about the life-saving work it does and get the lowdown on the latest Human Appeal events by visiting the charity’s website.

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