Enjoy The World With All Of Your Senses

Considering a vacation? Are you just going to get away or do you really want to have a life-changing experience?

Getting out into the world and finding ways to use all of your senses will help you enjoy your vacation that much more. Using your senses to connect your mind and body is used in therapy, even for alcohol and drug addiction. Use that wisdom to make your vacation one that is both healing and a time to remember.


It’s fairly easy to get in some sightseeing when you are on vacation unless you intend to stay in your motel room the entire time and sleep. Make a plan to see some of the tourist destinations in the area you are visiting. Map out some time to go to museums and galleries and see all there is to see.

Take a camera with you. Just because you saw them first-hand doesn’t mean you don’t want to share those with the other people in your life that didn’t join you on your vacation. Plus, photos are a great way to visit those sights again in the future.


Don’t just take in the sights on your vacation, take in the sounds as well. Become more focused and open, and listen to the things going on around you. You may not have realized how tranquil the sounds of the ocean are, or how relaxing the birds outside your hotel window are first thing in the morning.

This also works with your tours. Instead of going on self-guided tours on your vacation, take a guided tour and really listen to what your tour guide is telling you.


Take in the smells of your vacation destination as well, just be careful. You may run into some scents you really don’t like. Basically, just take some time to smell the flowers and the ocean air.

Smell your dish of local cuisine before you eat it. Take a big whiff of your cup of coffee before you take your first drink.


You’re going to eat while you’re on vacation, and you’re probably going to eat some pretty interesting things depending on where you’re vacationing. Take some time to enjoy the flavors of these new foods. Eat slowly and savor each bite.

Take some time to notice the texture and how the flavors depend on which tastebuds the food falls on. You’ll remember the best dishes forever this way.


Take some time to enjoy the feel of things as well. While you don’t want to be putting your hands all over artifacts at a museum, there are plenty of opportunities on a vacation to enjoy the feel of things you can touch.

Feel the sand in your toes and sift some through your fingers. The same with the water. Touch a plant (just make sure it’s not poison ivy). Ask someone if you can pet their dog. Enjoy.

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