4 Things to Look for When Booking Long Term Accommodation

If you’re only booking accommodation for a night or two, you don’t need to be so discerning when picking out your pad. When you’re going to be staying longer than a week or so, it’s well worth taking a few more things into account.

Here are just four things you should look for when booking long term accommodation.

  1. Central Location

You’ll find plenty of budget hotels located on the outskirts of a city. They’re often stuck midway between the city and its airport. While these are fine for short term stays, they become frustrating after a night or two. You’ll need to order a taxi or take a bus whenever you want to head to a good restaurant or meet up with people. Find city centre accommodation instead.

  1. Long Term Deals

Most serviced apartments and a few hotels will offer attractive discounts for guests who will be staying longer than a week or so. Before you book, it might be worth looking at how the length of your stay impacts the amount you pay. It’s sometimes possible to shave a huge chunk off your overall bill, especially if you’re willing to stay for over 30 days.

  1. Plenty of Space

Booking long term accommodation is much like booking a short-term home, and you’ll want that home to feel nice and spacious. A separate bedroom and living area should be seen as a must, and you’ll want that living area to be large enough to feel like home.

  1. All the Amenities

Finally, make sure you book somewhere that has all the amenities of home. Some accommodation options will seem fine at first but actually be missing several key amenities. At the very least, look for laundry facilities and a fully fitted kitchen.

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