4 Tips for taking your pets on a road trip

Some pet parents love to take their pets with them on holiday, while some can do this most them feel that it might be too much hassle to pack and equip your car for long distance travel with your pet. Even with thoughtful planning traveling with your furry companion can be stressful but we have put our heads together to come up with some helpful tips that’ll and your pet well on the way to having a fun filed road trip. Before we go into the car tips, it might be worth remembering to bring your pet’s documentation, food and enough water to last the duration of the journey.


The first thing is to figure out how to restrain the pet in the car, it is not safe to let your pet roam free in the car unrestrained. You should consider crating your pet if you are driving long distance or if your dog is a nervous passenger. Doing this will help you concentrate when driving because distracted drivers can easily cause accidents. Depending on the type of car you are driving, another option could be to confine your pet to the back of the car. You can easily do this by putting a wired grid to stop them from jumping over the back seat, you can also lay some blankets on the floor as well as some water and food to make them more comfortable. Finally, you should always make sure that however you try to transport your furry companion you should always make sure that it is well ventilated and there is always enough water.

Car checks

If it has been a while since your last MOT check then you’ll need to inspect the car. You should start by checking out the tyres, it is well known that your tyres are the most important part of any car. It is the only part of the can in constant contact with the ground and if not maintained properly it can cause danger to you, your passengers and other people. You should look at all four tyres (including spares) for cuts, bulges and puncture in the sidewalls of the tyres. You should also be checking the tyre pressure on all tyres. Not only is it important for your safety it is also a legal requirement to drive with the correct tyre pressure.


Driving with your pet could be fun but it could also be very dangerous. If your pet is confined to the back of the car you should make sure that all windows are up and if they have electric openers you should make sure they are all locked and the childproof lock is on. Riding with their head out of the window could open your pet to being injured by flying objects.


When you arrive at your destination you can now open the crate or confinement and let you pet out to run around and stretch their legs. You can even give them treats to complement their good behaviour and even encourage it in the future.

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