5 Fantastic Reasons to Relocate to Italy

Vacationing in Europe is a dream many have. Living there is considered beyond contemplation for many. However, it is possible. After all, the prices you pay as a tourist are not what the locals pay to live there.

Italy should be at the top of your list as a place to stay long term in Europe. In fact, here are five fantastic reasons to relocate to Italy.

Heritage and History

Did you know that Italy has the highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in the world? And it isn’t just Venice and Rome; you can stay in cities like Florence and Assisi for less than those two overpriced metropolitan areas while enjoying many museums and cultural events. There are more than 5000 museums in Italy, and there are six times that many archives and libraries.

Quality of Life

Many lists talking about reasons to move to Italy will say that you should move to Italy because you’re so close to a fashion mecca or you want to be able to visit Michelangelo’s work during the slow season. The vibrant nightlife even in small towns is a strong attraction. For those who want to move here, the excellent healthcare system is a strong plus. The nation also has excellent public transit. However, you’ll need to work with visa consultants like Santa Fe Relocation services to first help you with the visa application process. Only a visa consultant will be able to facilitate immigration procedures as they’re often complex. It’s always best to go through consultants.


All of Italy, except in the mountains, basks in the mild Mediterranean climate. It is comfortable year round. Yet you’re within commuting distance of the mountains if you want to go hiking or skiing. For those in northern Italy, you’re within a short drive of skiing and other snow sports in the Alps. And for everyone, you’re within easy reach of a real Mediterranean beach, while the prices of visiting are a fraction of that of competing for a stay in the French Riviera. Italy has 248 beaches.


Only in Italy can you experience authentic Italian cooking any time you go out. And you’re able to eat regional dishes that don’t show up elsewhere in the world, while the restaurants are able to provide fresh food often straight from the farm. This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention Italy’s wines, which again rival France’s offerings but often at a better price. And we have to mention the food festivals you can find year-round in Italy.


Italian colleges are also quite affordable to both EU and American students. Sapienza University of Rome was ranked the best university in Italy by US News and World Report. The University of Bologna came in second, while the University of Padua came in third.

For parents with school aged children, the international schools are good, and Italy’s high schools are unique in how they focus on one area like science or art. And anyone moving to Italy has an opportunity to learn Italian far better than they could from a tutor or textbook.

Italy provides excellent educational opportunities and many great occasions for exploring history. But make sure that you meet with a reputable visa & immigration consultant to make sure the move goes smoothly. A good visa consultant will be able to tell you what to expect and increase your chances of getting approved.

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