Luxury Airline Travel at an Affordable Price

Everyone would like the opportunity to travel business or first class whenever they step onto an aeroplane. Luxury travel isn’t just reserved for the rich and famous, there are plenty of ways to book affordable first-class seats on any of the major airlines. This article provides some tips on how to book reasonably priced business and first-class flights.

Use an Expert Booking Company

If you want to book first class or even business class tickets, you should deal with a booking specialist, rather than a run of the mill agency. Don’t book directly through the airline’s website, most of the time you’ll pay more booking directly than using an expert booking company. If you are planning on booking Virgin first class flights or business class with British Airways, avoid using their websites and go through a company who specialise in luxury air travel.

Upgrade Using Your Air Miles

If you’ve clocked up enough air miles, you may be able to upgrade to first class using frequent flyer programmes. Many airlines will allow you to upgrade a cash booking using accumulated air miles, you should be able to check with your specialist booking company if this is available with the airline you have chosen.

Look for Booking Sales

Many expert booking agents can add your details to their mailing list, so you’ll be contacted when various airlines have a sale on. For instance, they make contact you and tell you that Virgin Atlantic has an offer whereby you can book a business class return trip and fly one leg of the trip in first class. Some airlines allow your partner to fly for free if you book a business or first-class ticket. Occasionally, some companies launch promotions that put first class ticket prices lower than business class, you just have to be in touch with the right booking agents.

Be Flexible

If you’d like to snag an affordable business or first-class ticket, why not try booking an unusual route. You should consider flying out of a different airport instead of using one of the major hubs. For example, a lot of Etihad Airways flights are cheaper from continental Europe as opposed to flying out of somewhere like London.

Book During Unpopular Times

Another way to find cheaper luxury class airline tickets is to avoid booking tickets during busy seasons like Christmas and New Year. If you are booking a long-haul flight, you’ll find that many major hubs like New York, London and Hong Kong offer cheap business class tickets because business fliers tend to tend to stay home for the school holiday period.

This article has outlined some of the best ways to book cheap business and first-class airline tickets. If you are looking to travel in style, you must be prepared to try various tricks to get the most affordable ticket. Use an expert booking service when searching for competitive prices, be flexible with your dates, book during unpopular times and be open to offers from various airlines.

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