Packing Right to Protect Your Gadgets and Valuables

Perhaps I’m just a bit too paranoid, but I have a hard time taking luggage with me onto a plane beyond my hand luggage, which means pretty much everything needs to fit into my carry-on bag. I used to have a really good carry-on bag which was just the right size in compliance with the limits of a carry-on bag, with all manner of secret compartments and protective features. So I guess this is as much a post about packing and travelling light as it is about packing right so as to protect your gadgets and other fragile valuables from harm.

Put the Fragile Stuff between Your Clothes

This is the oldest trick in the book, but it is indeed an old-time classic for the mere reason that it simply works. Towels in particular work well to wrap around gadgets such as your laptop, assuming of course that you do travel with your own towels. Just make sure not to put more than one gadget between the clothes in such a manner that they’d come into contact with each other. This is how breakage and scratching occurs in a manner which really defeats the purpose.

Be careful when you unpack the goods as well though, especially in the case that a customs official may be conducting a personal belongings search for whatever reason.

Use Packing Cubes

This little wonder of the light-traveller’s world seems to be flying under the radar for some reason, but yeah, packing cubes are great in that they actually add volumes and volumes of space to your luggage real estate. Basically a vacuum pump sucks air out of some plastic bags you’d be using if the specific make of the packing cubes is one which uses heavy-duty plastic bags. Otherwise they just fit very neatly into any interior luggage space, interlocking to make effective use of all space available.

Get Yourself a Specialised Laptop Travel Bag

Specialised laptop travel bags are essentially just travel bags which are built around housing your laptop safely and securely.  They often have some nifty little pouches and straps to accommodate other fragile gadgets beyond your laptop, while at the same time not quite coming off conspicuously as being laptop bags in the traditional sense.

Get Yourself a Good Quality Phone Case

A good quality phone case is one which essentially has more than one advantage to its usage, like many of those available at Case Haven. On the one hand you probably want something stylish enough to use in the regular fashion if you’re perhaps going to be using your device in airplane mode, so naturally you’d want a case which won’t really have to be removed for each use. On the other hand you want the case to be solid, flexible and robust enough to protect your phone if you wanted to keep your phone inside your luggage when not in use. You’d want for it to be adequately protected against the inevitable bumps it will suffer as part of the journey.

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