Perth Adrenalin Junky Activities

Perth is the destination in Australia for adventure sports. With about 100,000 visitors coming to Perth daily, entertainment is big business in the city. Here are a few things that you can do to feel the adrenalin rush:

Jet Boating

Jet boats zoom at about 75 kilometers per hour speed and you will experience the adrenalin rush when power brake stops are thrown in and wild fish tail spins are done. When the throttle is pushed, the jet boat releases nearly 25 tons of water a minute and lifts the boat into the air.


You can go on a tour sailing to many of islands off Perth. The Carnac Island is home to Australian Sea Lion. When sailing, you can take time off to snorkel, learn sailing, swim or just relax.

Tandem Skydiving

The safest, as well as the best, way to experience skydiving is with a Tandem Jump Master. You get trained on a mock plane for jumping and the fun start after that. A twenty-minute climb takes you to an altitude of 14,000 feet and then you jump down to fall at a speed of more than 200 kilometers. All that you have to do is kit up at the appropriate time.

Aerobatic Flights

In Perth, you can experience nose diving, looping the loop, flying upside down and also barrel through the skies sitting beside an instructor in a custom-built Aerobatic plane.

Rally Driving

You can sit inside such rally cars as Lancer Evo or Impreza WRX, manage its controls and drive your own rally track. If you want, you can get a professional to do the driving for you.


The abseiling adventure starts following a demonstration of techniques and basic training. You will be directed as well as monitored by instructors as you scale vertical faces of the rock that about 50 meters high. If you feel like it, you can also do forward facing abseiling.

Water Rafting

The best place for water rafting is Avon River, especially the famous Avon Descent. You can see spectacular views and be challenged by grade two and three rapids irrespective of whether you are rafting from Bells Rapid to Sandleford Winery or Walyunga National Park to Bells Rapid.

Flying an Airplane

You will be given a brief training session on the ground and then you can fly an airplane over Perth along with an experienced instructor.  You can also get a certificate for flying the aircraft. You can also choose to go on a CJ-6A Nanchang Chinese Trainer for a combat adventure flight and view the wonderful Western Australia.

Mitchell Falls Exploration

The magnificent waterfall on Mitchell River surrounded by century-old fan palm is a beautiful sight. You need to drive for two days and trek for 15 hours to reach the place from the nearest town Kununurra.

Hot Air Ballooning

To get a panoramic view of Perth, you must go on a hot air balloon flight. You can see the countryside, the rolling hills, manmade glories and the Avon River. You get to spend about an hour romancing with the clouds.

Swimming along with the wild dolphins at Rockingham Wild Encounters and kite boarding are two other activities in Perth that can give the adrenalin rush that you are craving for.

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