Safe Camping with a Caravan Mover

I guess we’ve all heard of someone who put their back out while moving their caravan – or it may have happened to you before – either way, there is now a solution that comes in the form of a clever wheel system that takes the muscle out of moving your unit. Despite having a good jockey wheel and a solid surface, sometimes manoeuvering the van to the exact spot requires the use of muscles that normally remain dormant, and that’s when an injury can occur.

Safety in Mind

Camping is dangerous, there’s no question of that, and the prime reason is we are out of our usual environment, and with a little complacency, it is easy for an accident to happen. By minimising the risk of such a thing occurring, and adding powerful caravan movers to your considerable list of gadgets and devices, that’s one less thing to worry about. The unit weighs very little and is easy to set up and furthermore, it gives you fine control, which is ideal for hooking up to the car.

Top Design

While caravan movers have been around a while, the latest generation incorporates full power, and with specific gearing that is designed for caravan moving, the exercise becomes effortless – and more importantly, you won’t hurt yourself. Light allow frames and very durable wheels allow for very easy movement, and with a choice of single or double axle units, there is something to suit every caravan.

Two Wheel Drive

Perhaps the most popular, the two wheel drive model is ample for the average caravan, and with complete movement on all wheels, locating the unit in the precise spot is no longer the ordeal it once was. It might be a device you haven’t used for a while, yet there will come a time when you have to perform a miracle and get your van into a tight space, and that’s when this handy tool comes into its own.

Four Wheel Drive

For larger caravans, the four wheel drive unit is the ideal solution to moving, and if you have a big twin axle caravan that needs to be turned in a very tight space, this is the model for you. There are online suppliers who stock the best brands, and at lower than retail prices, you really can’t go wrong.

Save Your Back

If you’ve ever had to ask a bystander to muck in and help, you will know how potentially damaging moving a big caravan can be, and rather than risk, you – or anyone else – it is wise to go online and buy the right unit for your van, which eliminates the risk of damaging your back. As we get older, our bodies cannot do what they used to, and a pulled muscle when moving your caravan is one way of finding that out.

There are online suppliers of all camping equipment, including state of the art power caravan movers, and at affordable prices, the best time to buy is now, before the season arrives.

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