Sports to Try Whilst in Menorca

So you have decided to take a holiday to Menorca again this year and you are looking to try something different this time. Have a look at some of these sporting activities that you can take part in while you are in Menorca.


This island is crisscrossed with a number of trails and walking paths to suit every person. Young or old, fit or not, there is one walking trail that will suit you perfectly. Camí de Cavalls only opened recently, but it is a wonderful way to see the sights of the island. This path rings around the coast of the island, allowing you to experience the most amazing sea views ever. There are a number of other paths on the island, some take you to flower-filled fields and others on more rocky and rough terrain, but they will all satisfy your soul at the end of the day.


Cycling is becoming a very popular pastime here in Menorca. There are many unpaved paths, country trails and paved roads to explore, all which do not have much traffic flow. Cami de Cavalls, the newly opened bridle path that rings the entire island is the perfect place to take the family on a bike ride and enjoy the wonderful scenery. There is over three thousand kilometers of trails across the island, that take you through a variety of different environments. What better way to explore the rich history of this fabulous place?


Menorca has a number of coves and untouched beaches which are only accessible from the sea. Kayaking is a well-loved sport here on the island and a fun way to access all the spots you cannot reach by car, bus or any other form of transport. There are a few activity centers located in the towns and villages where you can book kayaking trips. Some of these trips are as long as three days – great for the adventure seeker! The Bay of Fornells, which is sheltered and protected, is the perfect spot for beginners to give kayaking a go.

Horse riding

Riding one of these majestic creatures across the most remote parts of the island is something you will not have the chance to experience on a regular basis, so make the most of it when the opportunity arises. There are institutions on the island that offer courses in dressage and hacking and there are guided tours available as well. The Menorcan breed of horse is sleek and pitch black. It is known for its speed, spirit and beauty.

Scuba diving

The warm and clear waters are the perfect place to scuba dive. With visibility up to thirty meters, it allows you to see some of the most fascinating sea creatures in their natural habitat. This is one of the most popular sports on the island at the moment and there are centers all across the island that can teach you how to dive.

They offer lessons for every level of capability, right up to dive masters level. There are many diving spots that can be easily accessed, but beginners should start off at the Bay of Fornells. The shallow inlet is the perfect place to start exploring the marine life below.

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