The Bars You Can’t Afford to Miss in Corfu

The Corfu Island that lies off Greece coast has not only a long, but also a tumultuous history. A number of different cultures, as well as nations, have staked a claim on this island. The influence of the varied cultures is evident from the island’s physical appearance and the monuments and historical landmarks that are there all over the modern-day Corfu (Kerkyra). This may be reason why the people of Corfu are extremely warm towards the international visitors.

The local cuisine and night life are fabulous and some of the most popular pubs and cafes are located along the Liston Promenade and the Splianada Square’s northern end. Almost all of these pubs cafes remain not only open from early in the mornings to late in the evenings, but are also usually abuzz with activity.

You will also find a great selection of cafes and bars on the major roads running across the city. The local cuisine, as well as other delicacies, are available in plenty and all that you have to do is look for the cafes and bars where the local people are dining or hanging out. Here is a list of the pubs and other nightlife spots that you should not miss out when you are on a visit to Corfu.

#1: Sonic Cocktail Bar in Acharavi

If you want to have fun time with great live music as well as some of the best cocktails, you need to visit the Sonic. The well-established cocktail bar plays a big role in Acharavi nightlife. If you want, you can party all the seven nights in a week.

#2: Orpheus Restaurant in Acharavi

Orpheus is bar restaurant that is run by a family and located on the city’s main street. The beauty of this bar restaurant is that you can enjoy the best of both Greek and English cuisine. At the same time, you can also enjoy your favorite drinks.

#3: SOS Nightclub in Kavos

SOS Nightclub, a cocktail bar and pub, has the best DJs and bar staff in the city. You can enjoy some of the best karaoke, dance remixes, and party music in this nightclub.

#4: Kavos Summer Club

This club is the place to enjoy mixed drinks, hot music, clear drinks and bright lights. The Summer Club provides fantastic party atmosphere and offers you some of the spectacular views of the forests and beaches with Mount Pellion in the backdrop.

#5. Edem Beach Bar

Edem Beach Bar is one of the best places in Corfu where you can experience nightlife. However, this place is for those extreme night-clubbers who do not like the night to end. The bar offers unique cocktails, a wide range of fantastic music as well as parties that satisfies everyone’s taste.

There are many more options available when you visit Corfu. If you can do a quick search on the internet, you will get to know of the innumerable possibilities for enjoying nightlife in Corfu Island.

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