Valuable Lessons Travel has Taught Me

Oftentimes as bloggers, particularly travel bloggers, we tend to focus on how we convey our messages to our readers as opposed to WHY we do it. It’s very easy to sit for two hours straight, trying to come up with what you feel is a “professional” way of conveying a certain message, thought or experience, just because you feel you at least owe your loyal readers some professionally-written work.

While I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that in itself, I do however feel that sometimes we should just let the thoughts roll out naturally and unfiltered, because at the end of the day, the gist of a blog is to give value to the people who read it. So, in an attempt to practice what I’m preaching, this time I’m going to share a couple of life lessons which I feel I’ve been taught by my love for travel and by the privilege afforded to me to be able to jump on a plane and head to faraway places.

#1 – It’s all relative

Life (that is) is all relative – what one person would refer to as “living” can and often is totally different to what even their closest friend or relative would call “life”. I for one relate living with time in that the more of my time I own (in the absence of having to go to a 9-5 job or something like that), the more liberty I have to engage in that which I personally call “living” – the more time and freedom I have to entertain those activities life and travel have to offer which make me feel alive, one of which is chilling out in an infinity edge pool and gawking at an oceanfront view that I’m willing to bet never gets old!

So yeah, it is all indeed relative, so I guess one should never allow anyone else to dictate to them what “living” means.

#2 – It’s all even more relative!

So I guess it’s becoming clear that the biggest lessons I’ve learned through my travels all come back down to relativity and in this particular instance I’m talking about the basic quality of life. For example, a lot of people don’t really know just how lucky they are in terms of the default settings they’re subjected to in their natural environments. What I’m talking about is things like in one part of the world it’s not a problem waking up in the morning and just going for a refreshing morning jog along the beach, whereas in other parts of the world it’s nowhere near safe enough to try and do that as a woman, for instance.

To bring things down to a more personal point of view, I think it would be nice if when I order roses delivery would be included – something which I noticed seems to be the preserve of flower shops only in places as far away as the likes of Australia. To me that is a major problem and headache, but relative to some of the problems other people in other parts of the world or even in other parts of the same country have to deal with, it’s a small problem, isn’t it?

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