The Insider’s Guide To Tel Aviv’s Hottest Beaches

The unique energy in Tel Aviv runs on it’s glorious beaches. Juxtaposed with busy streets and tall buildings are amazing beaches running along the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. It’s normal to see people clad in beach-wear and holding surfboards naturally walking through the modern, bustling, Manhattan-like city.

Before heading out to the beach, it’s important to prepare yourself for the Middle East sun. Beach season is officially from April to October, and if you are not properly prepared you can suffer from real sun damage.

Ways To Protect Yourself From The Sun

  • Apply Sunscreen – Don’t be tempted to sunbathe like a native. Wear a high SPF and liberally apply it everywhere.
  • Eat well – It’s not always easy to stick with a healthy food regimen while on vacation. Many people turn to natural supplements in order to ensure their proper intake of vitamins and minerals. Websites like Reviewy offer comprehensive reviews of various supplements and brands to educate consumers.
  • Stay hydrated – All Israelis will tell you that no matter how much water you’re drinking, you still need to drink more. Make sure you stay hydrated by checking the color of your urine.
  • Take a siesta – From noon to 3pm, enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine and take a rest out of the sun. With an array of restaurants and eateries to choose from in Tel Aviv, it’s worth taking a break and returning for a late afternoon swim. It will still be warm enough to swim and the incredible sunsets are not to be missed.

Now that you’re prepared, make like Gal Gadot and bask in the fabulous and free beaches of Tel Aviv. Here is a breakdown of the different beaches from Northern to Southern Tel Aviv.

Metzizim Beach

With shallow water, plenty of shaded areas and a playground, the Metzizim beach attracts families with younger children. On scorching days, ice coffees are a must from the restaurant/bar located right there.

Religious Beach

Located off Nordeau Street, this beach is secluded from the street with high walls. This beach offers seperate hours for women and men. Women are welcome on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and men can go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Saturdays, religious people generally don’t go to the beach so it is open to all genders.

Hilton Beach

The Hilton beach is extremely popular. With three distinctive sections, there is literally something for everyone.

  1. The Dog Beach – Dogs run happy and free without leashes on this beach. It’s a narrow strip enclosed with fences so walking on the promenade nearby is completely safe.
  2. The Gay Beach – Follow the prominent rainbow flags to find Tel Aviv’s gay beach, complete with outdoor workout equipment.
  3. The Surfer’s Beach – Looking to find paddle boarding lessons? Want to try your hand at surfing? This is the place to be for all water sports.

Gordon, Frishman and Bograshov Beaches

These three large beaches lie next to each other and are always packed with sunbathers during the summer months. With an outdoor gym and volleyball courts, it’s normal to see buff Tel Avivians workout before they run into the water. Be careful not to get hit in the head by a small black ball. Israelis love to play ‘matkot’ – a game which involves hitting a small ball between two people each with a wooden racket.

Jerusalem Beach

Located off of trendy Allenby street, the Jerusalem Beach is where Israelis hang out in order to get away from the tourists. Check out the shuk nearby for great deals on authentic souvenirs.

Banana/Drum Beach

The Banana Beach is a quieter beach which also has a surfing school. It is also known as the Drum Beach because drummers convene here on Fridays for a large and rhythmic drumming session.

Alma Beach

As opposed to the other beaches, this beach does not have sunbeds or lifeguards. As a result, the atmosphere is extremely calm here. It is also an excellent location for family barbeques.

Alma Dog Beach

South of Alma Beach is the Dog Beach where dogs can frolick without being restrained on leashes.

Jaffa Beach

Jaffa Beach is another beach with a very relaxed atmosphere. The Jaffa beach does not have any wave breakers so it’s ideal for surfers looking for challenging waves.

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