Infographic: Luckiest Place on Earth

Let’s face it, everyone loves a bit of luck, but some always seem to get the most of it. However, have you ever considered how luck differs by country? Considering several countries across the globe have lucky charms to help ward away bad luck, exactly how effective are they? Luck depending on geographical location can be based on several factors. 

In terms of hot weather, sadly the United Kingdom doesn’t stand much of a chance when they have 163 days of rainfall a year! However, places such as Aswan in Egypt only have 0.0861 millimetres a year, with average temperatures of above 40 degrees in the summer months. 

With regards to gambling, this can differ significantly depending on the countries’ laws, but it does seem that some are considerably luckier than others. The United States seems to have the most luck when it comes to winning the lottery, as they hold the world record for the highest lottery win of all-time which amounted to a staggering $1.5 billion – they also have the most casinos (1,497). 

How exactly does each company compare in terms of luck? This infographic outlines the top 10 luckiest countries around the world. Why not check out slots at paddy power while you’re at it?

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